US Telcom Supply

Logistics Services

US Telcom Supply provides integrated logistics services that include distribution, warehousing, staging, assembly, kitting and more. We are intimately familiar with the telecom supply chain framework and can provide excellent logistical support at any or all stages.

Services Highlights

  • Distribution and Inventory Management of complete range of outside plant products and central office equipment for telecom service providers
  • Product sourcing from reputed manufacturers like Emerson, CommScope and Bourns
  • Extensive warehousing facilities in our 20,000 SF distribution center in Grand Prairie, Texas and co-locations in Florida and Georgia
  • Customized kitting, system integration, rack-and-stack, remote cabinet configuration, product modification and related services
  • Installation and Assembly, Wire and Test (AW&T) capabilities
  • Staging and just-in-time (JIT) delivery to multiple plants, locations and facilities
  • Integrated logistical support, documentation, tracking, EDI and billing support

Customer Benefits

Some of the benefits that our customers have realized from our logistics services are:

  • Complete control and flexibility over their inventory through improved product availability, dynamic forecasting and on-time delivery
  • Tangible cost savings through consolidation of transportation fees, lower inventory and carrying costs, and decreased material handling charges
  • Personalized customer care and close coordination between procurement, staging centers and vendor organizations
  • Proactive resolution of customer issues at source through ready engagement with suppliers
  • Assured quality, handling and delivery of products